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Hollywood Sunset Strip

Remember a time not so long ago, before Simon Cowell’s industry coup cast the dark cloud of mediocrity over the music scene, and before the long drawl of Brit Pop brought the mood down? When everything was happier, more colourful, louder and pushed the extremes? When women were real women and men were, well, mistaken for women? When lipstick and leather were the order of the day and people lived for their next musical fix?

These were the best of times, but life imposed and the die-hard fans cleaned up, cut their hair, got mortgages, started families and hunkered down to ‘normality’. But the image of the good times was forever etched into their consciousness - a happy place to which they could always return to in their minds and relive the glamour, the swagger, and the awesome air guitar! We’re still there and we’re still living the dream.


Some might say we never grew up, but as far as we’re concerned the good times never went away and you know what? We’re here to share it with you! This is not a revival – it’s a way of life! Beat the Bullet are the ultimate glam/hair metal experience - whether you are a dancefloor dabbler or a die-hard fan, Beat the Bullet have a  slice of hair metal heaven with your name on it! We are primped and preened and ready to rock your world!

Your sonic purveyors are . . .

Pixxie Lungz - vocals, bass

J.C. Ace - vocals, guitar, bass

"Flamin" Pete Cuznit - guitar, bass

Buck Wild - on the skins!

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